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House activities INclude... skill-building, soft-skills, academic planning, Community-building, resources, and social-emotional curriculum.

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Kindergarten to 5th Grade

​Countries & Culture

House of the Griffin -

Middle School

​Arts & Technology

House of the Dragon - High School

Genres & Themes

House of the Phoenix -

Adult Students 18-20

Adulting & Moving Forward

Important Information:

  • Grading Rubric: The grading rubric can be found in each course. Students may also get specific information from their teachers about grading scales.
  • Teacher Information: All teachers are certified in the subject that they teach.
  • Students should message/email their teachers for assistance with lessons.
  • Transcripts: All Transcript requests are handled by Admissions. Please email to request a transcript.
  • Contact for Support: Students, parents and counselors may email questions or concerns to the following administrators:

Alsea Online leadership

Kimberly Tyskiewicz ED.D.

Principal - Head of House: House of the Dragon

Karina Ferre’

Vice Principal - Head of House: House of Atlas

Erin Wills

Admissions Specialist - Head of House: House of the Griffin

Beth Runciman

Lead Teacher - Head of House: House of the Phoenix

Lora Dowless

Alsea OR Registrar

Marc Theilman

Alsea SD Superintendent

Patti Greenberg-Gold

Founder & CEO - Greenways Academy