About Us...

Welcome to the Wolverine Nation!


We are proud of our students, families, staff and the community that comes with our learning environment, regardless of method or platform. We encourage participation in activities that unite, inspire, educate, connect and change lives for the better. To that end we offer activities for students, parents, families and the community to engage as active participants in the Wolverine Nation. Video series and lessons for parents and students to learn together, virtual support groups and forums for discussing items of concern and interest are available and help us to connect. Please let us know if there are any activities, lessons, series or other options to explore and grow our community.

Alsea Oregon Online Program (formally Oregon Prep Academy) is a K-12 virtual option offered through the Alsea School District. We are glad you are here!

Our program is run through the Alsea, Oregon public school district. We use quality online programs to provide a large array of courses and programs for students from Kindergarten to Diploma. Graduating seniors earn an Oregon diploma from the Alsea School District. We are a tuition-free statewide program available to students of all ages.

Our Student/Parent Support Portal provides links to resources and staff to help with all of the ins-and-outs of an online education.

The Alsea Online website has a section that is referred to as “The Portal” which is a one-stop resource center for parents and students. There are links to information about how to get help, trouble shoot technology issues, monitor progress and communicate with teachers and staff.

All students will be able to access information about study skills, learning forums, videos on specific topics and links to all platforms, programs and activities available to them.

Our House System acts as an advisory system to provide a well-rounded education for each and every student.

Head of House – The Head of each House acts as an academic advisor, problem-solver and advocate for students in their House. They are available to help students with personal and social problems, planning their high school programs, class elective choices, post-high school education, and vocations. House meetings will include social-emotional learning, skill building in areas related to home and self, including understanding money and personal finance strategies, as well as the soft skills needed for future success and employment.

House Heads will run required weekly virtual house meetings. These meetings are used to provide information to the students that is necessary for their success and progress in school and in life. Skill building in several areas will be taught and reinforced in a continuum.


We are proud to offer diverse activities, clubs and organizations that are available to students and families in the Wolverine Nation. Stand-alone “how to” videos, ongoing cooking series, virtual field trips, and more are currently available. If there are ideas for other courses, activities, etc. please contact the school to see if we have one, or to submit ideas for the future.

All students will be invited to participate in our virtual clubs and activities. There will be stand-alone activities and clubs that have weekly meetings, and everything in-between. We also welcome student suggestions for club and activities. Using the online survey on this page allows them to submit ideas. Staff will review the request and contact students with the response.

Clubs, activities, and virtual “in-person” and/or live presentations will be available weekly.

Each House will elect Grade-level Representatives and House Senators for the Student Body Government.

Whole Wellness Program

Greenways Academy believes that you need to meet all of the needs of the students in order to nurture the "whole" person. John Dewey, the educator philosopher, said “As a child lives today, he will live tomorrow.”

This makes it vital to ensure that a well-rounded education helps to change the "today" of our students so that their "tomorrow" is as successful as it can be. So, with that as a basis for our programs, we provide a wide base of services and programs to help each and every student and their family to develop the skills and find the resources they need to provide the best "tomorrow" possible.


We will be using a social-emotional learning program to help students understand and develop emotional intelligence, empathy for others and a series of tools and supports to help guide them through the growing-up process. If things seem a bit more intense than they should be, we have access to a mental health support program available to students and families. If at any time you have concerns about the mental health of a student, please let us know right away so we can begin the intake referral process.

Family situations that are stressful can be supported as well. Please communicate with the school for assistance. The school-counseling program and Special Education Program are also available for students who qualify for services.

We use the Whole Wellness Needs Pyramid Model from Fifth Corner Academy as a basis for most of our programs and supports.